The Bollywaack dance style was created by Kumari Surajin 2009 as a fusion of Indian culture and Waacking culture.  Kumari Suraj created Bollywaack as a way of connecting more to her Indian heritage. Now Bollywaack has created a bridge between female and queer LGBTQ communities with the homophobic/gynophobic Indian Diaspora across the world.  Bollywaack isn’t just a cultural fusion of dance it’s also the LGBTQ+  femanine energy inclusion into the Indian community.   

Bollywaack perfectly blends Pop, Classical and Folk music along with dance styles from Kumari’s South Asian Desi roots plus the LGBTQ Disco styles of Punking and Waacking. This cross cultural connection is a seamless union of powerful arms, elegant hands gestures, exotic poses and storytelling facial expressions.

The success story is evident. Within 2 short months of it’s 2016 relaunch; Bollywaack reached over 1 million views on social media, catching the attention of the Dance Plus reality TV franchise in Mumbai India.  After debuting on Indian international television via Kumari Suraj and The House of Suraj in 2017; Bollywaack has gone viral in the Bollywood entertainment circuit.  Promoting and representing this movement with Kumari is the House of Suraj Collective. There are many undiscovered similarities between Indian dance and the Queer dance styles of Punking & Waacking that haven’t been explored until now. This is just the beginning.

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