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Kumari’s Movement Coaching
Initial Check-in

45 min
$150 USD

Kumari’s Movement Coaching

1 hr

$225 USD


"Movement training with Kumari has been nothing short of a God‘s miracle. All my life I loved to dance but I didn’t feel comfortable in my body nor did I understand how to move my body or be free in my body. I am 5’10 so I really wanted to learn how to take up space elegantly.

Through sage encouragement and holding space for nothing less than me showing up as the fullness of who I am, Kumari has helped me tap in to the intelligence of dance that lives in the body. I am happy to not only say I believe that I am truly a dancer now but that the potential for what my body can do is limitless. Thank you so much Kumari, you’ve changed my life."

Gabrielle “Bova” Wilson (Los Angeles)

Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Coach

“Kumari, you are legendary and it’s so amazing what you’ve done and brought to dance!”

Jacqueline Fernandez (India)

Indian Film Star, Model, Miss Universe winner 2006 Sri Lanka pageant.

“My experience working with Kumari was so awesome! They're a beast in several styles. Not just with polished, seasoned dance skills but, with the knowledge of each dance style. From the jump Kumari made sure I had a private session with her first to soak in the history, origin, meanings, technique of each style, research links and homework which speaks volumes about respecting the craft of any art form first & foremost.”

MYA (Los Angeles)

Grammy Award Winning Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Musician, Dancer/Choreographer, Actress, Activist and Philanthropist.

"Kumari Suraj is not a name , they are a movement!

It has been an absolute pleasure performing with them.

The integrity towards their art , the professionalism on set and the loving and kind nature of a sibling off set has made me their big admirer as a performer as well as a human being.

They so superbly demonstrate the nuances and intersectionalities of cultures and the beautiful addition of their Indian roots in their performance that I’m sure , Indians all over the world are already wanting more from them and their team of fantastic artistes.

I see power , resilience, divinity , love , admiration and a whole lot of talent when I see KUMARI.
To conclude I would like to say ,
It’s always another day , another slay in the life of Kumari Suraj.

I’m just blessed to be a part of their journey and I hope to collaborate and work more with this wonderful artiste ❤️❤️❤️

Rani Ko-HE-Nur "

Rani Kohenur

Singer, Actor, Drag Artist, Trans Activist - Mumbai

“Kumari was my first and only teacher. Their training helped me find my own career success."

RUDI SMIT (South Africa)

Honey 3 Choreographer/dancer, Bring It On: Worldwide Assistant Choreographer, Choreographer for International Commercials Adidas, Pepsi co, Volkswagen, Mustang. Taught dance in over 22 countries.

“Kumari Suraj is a creative powerhouse unlike any other I know. She has been an important support, mentor, and teacher in my early years especially. She was an important soul on my journey to becoming me. She always encouraged colorful and unique self-expression and cultural bridging.”  

Nelly Bethel (Denmark)

Jlo, Super Bowl, Rihanna, Cirque Du Soleil

Monthly Full Moon Class

Full Moon Class is a monthly live (IRL) event celebrating the power of the moon through energetic dance rituals and spell binding choreography created to help movers set intentions and release energy. 

  • Each month features a new dance routine taught by Kumari Suraj.
  • Open level classes accessible for anyone from beginner to advanced.
  • Modified versions of movement are available for bodies with special physical needs.
  • A variety of dance styles and choreographies will be explored.
  • Designed to keep you sharp by challenging your existing skill set pushing you toward energetic success and positive mental health. #fullmoonclass
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