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Disco Housewife LA PRIDE

@KKBB at the Line LA
                                                                  Kumari’s performance debut of their new song, “Disco Housewife”.  

                                                                       LA’s premier Disco experience for those married to the music, fashion, lights and dance styles of the culture.


$25 early $35 late $50 door
*Black Trans Bodies FREE 




Issa sundown PRIDE celebration! Join us for the ultimate Queer Desi Disco party in LA!  A safe space for all members of the diaspora and bollywood lovers alike. Live performances and more…

$25 early $35 late $50 door                    Dress Code: Desi Disco Glam

Black + Brown Trans Bodies FREE w/ RSVP

$50 Face category judge Rosy Ninja from the Iconic House of Ninja 

Category Description: “Serve face in your best Bollywood Glam from any era” 


VIP Bottle service available: 


Full Moon Class is a monthly live event celebrating the power of the moon through energetic dance rituals and spell binding choreography created to help movers set intentions and release energy. 

  • Each month features a new dance routine taught by Kumari Suraj.
  • Open level classes accessible for anyone from beginner to advanced.
  • Modified versions of movement are available for bodies with special physical needs.
  • A variety of dance styles and choreographies will be explored.
  • Designed to keep you sharp by challenging your existing skill set pushing you toward energetic success and positive mental health. #fullmoonclass

This months class is to Kumari’s new song “Disco Housewife” 


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