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In response to the mental, emotional and financial hardships COVID-19 has brought to our society Kumari is hosting a FREE VIRTUAL DANCE WEEK to help her friends, family and fans around the world cope.

Theme: Celebrating Evolution

Most of you recognize Kumari for Waacking. But, before becoming known for Waacking Kumari studied and taught many other styles. Kumari will be teaching some of the dance styles that have impacted her life and sharing the dance styles she created.

Dance Styles To Be Taught: (all ages – all skill levels)

  • Waacking

  • Afro House

  • Hip Hop

  • Frankie Douglas

  • Bollywaack

  • Open Choreo

Registration Instructions: 

1. Click the link below to register

2. Wait for an email confirming the online virtual location of the classes. 

3. Only registered participants will be eligible for the fashion contest giveaways. 


Desi Girl Chant dance challenge

Best video to Kumari’s song wins $200 and a feature in the official Desi Girl Chant music video releasing May 22nd, 2020!


1. Download from any live streaming site.

2. Upload your video to IG using these tags 

#desigirlchant #desigirlchallenge 

Deadline MAY 9th.

Virtual TRaining and Mentorship Program

Kumari Suraj is creating a platform for dance tutorials, weekly classes, privates lessons, fashion consultations, music & online events for her students, friends and fans. 

Opening in May, 2020 


Coming Soon