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Kumari Suraj is a non-binary artist whose dance innovations and cultural contributions for LGBTQ+ people of color, women and the entertainment industry, since the early 2000s, continue to create global impact. 

 Featured on LEGENDARY on HBO MAX (2022), in the New York Times (2020) and named one of Vogue India’s “Top 50 Most Influential Global Indians” (2019); Kumari Suraj is an artistic force and cultural game changer who has influenced the entertainment industry and underground cult communities from Hollywood to Bollywood and beyond. 

A multi-hyphenate, Kumari is a global dance trailblazer, creative director, choreographer, song writer, recording artist, LGBTQ+ activist and personality.

Kumari’s philanthropic and performance based work as a creative garners icon status in the realm of Waacking – a vintage disco dance form lauded by the elites. As producer and founder of the world’s first queer dance festival, Waackfest, Kumari has built safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community in 41 countries using the artforms of dance, music and fashion.  As an artist the phenom has worked with legendary artists and powerful platforms.

HBO MAX, Madonna, Mya, Jody Watley,  Nike, World of Dance, Buzzfeed, Star Plus, Revry TV, New York Times and So You Think You Can Dance to name a few.

Kumari is a vibrant mix of Afro Caribbean, South Asian, Native American and European cultural heritage. Kumari’s exploration of life and celebration of their cultures are reflected in their commercial work that still influences pop culture through social media.

Kumari’s unique storytelling encourages conversation between contrasting communities and cultural understanding relevant in today’s social climate.


Creative director


“Desi Girl Chant” is an anthem for Desi femmes around the world.  Honoring all forms of the Desi feminine divine by creating visual space for trans, drag, queer, cis, mixed race and fiiiierce Desi femmes to “prance in saris”.  A steamy love interest moment with Miss Trans India, catchy dance moves from House of Suraj, fashion  and more, this video is sure to make you think and bop.

“As a mixed race person I love all of my ethnic identities. This song speaks about many aspects of my Indian identity from mixed geographic origins of myself and others (being Afro West Indian & South Asian), to the food we make, the clothes we wear, attitudes we carry and diverse sexual preferences we navigate. Celebrating all my “Desi Girls”  round the world.” – Kumari Suraj

Kumari’s music is a mix of Dancehall, Indian sounds, Disco, House, Hiphop and more.  Next single, “Disco Housewife” drops July 2022.  Kumari is currently working on a Disco & House EP for 2022/23.

Follow song on social media: #desigirlchant #desigirlchallenge



“This style [Bollywaack] you’ve invented is absolutely brilliant. Really one of the best pieces of live stage performance I’ve seen on a show or otherwise.” [Dance Plus 3 Tree Act]

Shah Rukh Khan (India)

The King of Bollywood, Indian Film Actor, Producer & Television Personality

“Kumari, you are legendary and it’s so amazing what you’ve done and brought to dance!”

Jacqueline Fernandez (India)

Indian Film Star, Model, Miss Universe winner 2006 Sri Lanka pageant.

“My experience working with Kumari was so awesome! They’re a beast in several styles. Not just with polished, seasoned dance skills but, with the knowledge of each dance style. From the jump Kumari made sure I had a private session with her first to soak in the history, origin, meanings, technique of each style, research links and homework which speaks volumes about respecting the craft of any art form first & foremost.”

MYA (Los Angeles)

Grammy Award Winning Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Musician, Dancer/Choreographer, Actress, Activist and Philanthropist.

“While training in Los Angeles, I was scouted by Kumari Suraj to train under her in a style known as Waacking. I had no idea how much of an impact this particular style would expand my vocabulary as a professional dancer. Not only did it help me find my femininity in dance but, I gained a life long sister in the process. Whenever there is an opportunity to freestyle in a job of audition I would showcase my Waacking. I’ve been able to perform Waacking for Toni Braxton and Estelle.”

Quinetta Sha (Los Angeles)

Beyoncé Tour Dancer, The Waackers Crew, former student of Kumari Suraj.

“Kumari was my first and only teacher. Their training helped me find my own career success.”

RUDI SMIT (South Africa)

Honey 3 Choreographer/dancer, Bring It On: Worldwide Assistant Choreographer, Choreographer for International Commercials Adidas, Pepsi co, Volkswagen, Mustang. Taught dance in over 22 countries.

“Kumari Suraj is a creative powerhouse unlike any other I know. She has been an important support, mentor, and teacher in my early years especially. She was an important soul on my journey to becoming me. She always encouraged colorful and unique self-expression and cultural bridging.”  

Nelly Bethel (Denmark)

Jlo, Super Bowl, Rihanna, Cirque Du Soleil

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